A few things I learnt

Tribute to my mother in law

A few things I learnt from my mother in law 🕊️is that in life you can be so many things and do so many things but what impact are you leaving when it’s your time.

You may have the most expensive clothes and shoes, and have the most money but when we say goodbye, all those things don’t matter. What matters is how we lived our lives, the impact we made, the memories we left behind. Everyone praised how she loved God, she ministered to her family, the elderly, the sick and the young. How she made them feel and she prayed everyday for them.

A story was told by a close friend of hers saying they visited a very sick person. And then they left that sick person walked them to the door and waved goodbye with a big smile on her face. Sometimes you just need the right person to talk to, someone who will listen and make you instantly feel better.

What vibe are you leaving behind? What value are you leaving behind? What impact are you creating? What are people learning from you? When it comes down to it. The only ones who matter are the ones close to you. They are the ones who will value and treasure your time, money, value and presence. I also learnt in everything you do, do it as it is for the Lord.

Whether it’s food for your loved ones, hand washed laundry, a clean home, a wonderful presentation. A long term grocery pantry. Home cooked valuable food. Taking care of the sick and the needy. My mother in law was laying highly sick in bed but all she spoke about was the goodness of God. She testified how good God is to her. She reprimanded everyone to live their lives for God.

She worked hard everyday for her family and her family was her focus. Because at the end of it all that’s all that counts. That’s all that matters. Solid Relationships. And if the relationship is not giving you value, put your focus on what does. These people will be with you for a long time.

Even if not for a long time, what you do will stay with them forever. Build where it matters. I have heard many successful people and grown ups talk about their mother or father, what they did or didn’t do to take them where they are today.


Treating lice naturally

Lice treatment naturally:

One day I recieved a call from my sons school: “We apologize but there is an outbreak of lice at the school. We found little nits in your sons hair.”

My mistake was I went on youtube and typed in lice. And I saw a whole lot of disturbing videos of lice in someone’s hair. I won’t recommend you youtube lice.

I expected the worst as I walked to school that day.
Frantically googling and searching for answers one article I landed on mentioned the toxins in lice treatment medication.

I arrived and found my son playing happily and happy to see mama.

I give big ups for the school not alerting my son and scaring him.

Then he asked why I came early today and why teacher called mama.

And I told him there are naughty little lice in your head and we need to wash your hair and take it out so it doesn’t itch in your head anymore.

And he said ok mom and We walked home, singing songs and pointing at colors. We went home.

Luckily, my son didn’t have lice, just the eggs or nits. I’m not sure which is worse.

What happens when your child has lice? And how does one treat it naturally?

According to my research

Lice eggs or nits look like dandruff but they are a bit bigger and they stick to hair. Dandruff flies off the scalp.

Lice go onto any hair type, clean or dirty as long as its a human head.

I soaked my sons scalp and hair in vinegar and wrapped a plastic on his head for 30 minutes.

I let him watch educational movies while sitting in the sun and waiting.

I soaked all his clothes, the ones he wore yesterday and the ones I wore too.

Soak all the bedding, pillows, blankets, sheets in hot water for 30 minutes to an hour. Hot water kills the eggs or nits.

My son sleeps on his bed and comes to mine in the morning.

So I soaked all our bedding and his bedding in hot water and vinegar for 30+ minutes.

After soaking, I washed all the beddings and put them in the dryer so that the heat will kill any lingering lice eggs or nits.

I then took a small tooth comb. And sectioned my sons hair.

Combing throw each section. And pouring clean water to wash it off.

Yep, my son cried through the whole ordeal.

After rinsing, I washed 3 times witjh natural hemp shampoo bar.

Then I conditioned and applied lavender oil and coconut oil.

More essential oils to use for treatment of lice are Tea tree oil and Citronella oil. Along with lavender essential oil and coconut oil.

In conclusion, be sure to wash clothes and bedding thoroughly in hot water and vinegar. Comb hair with a small tooth comb. And rinse as many times as you can. Repeat this remedy after 10 days.


Why I journal as a mom – My Journey to Junk.

I grew up writing and reading. As far as I can remember my love for books amhas been around a while. I remember as a little girl I would spend hours in the little office room library my mom had. Even though there were no books for kids, I read big books with big words. Or I just sat there in silence. I have always been drawn to books, all sorts of books, big, small, written in or empty.

My first dairy, my mom got for me. It was pink and lockable. I have kept a diary since. High school I was a librarian, then became chief librarian. Exam time I would still move around with big books in my hand.

I finished high school, began working and got busy that I forgot that touch that a book had. I began reading again soon enough. I got married and became a mom. When I became a mom, time for writing or reading was none. So I began a mom website that acted as my diary or journal.

4 years later, I have stacks of books. My husband picked on my love for books while we were dating and would bring me books. He also left love letters in my books on a random page.

You see I had the online blog but the feel and smell of paper and books in your hand is an absolute different experience. And i prefer handcopy books. But I prefer books I can write in. I love being able to express myself on paper. Plan, journal, write lists, brain dump, schedule, memorize and keep memories. Etc.

But when you think of it or the journals I preferred are quite pricey. And I love the concept of dot journals. I had tried to learn the process but it had too many rules to remember and follow. My busy mom brain couldn’t handle it. And dot journals became expensive.

Recently I stumbled upon junk journaling. And I thought wow, I can do all the things Iove in one spot. I love that there are no rules to obey or disobey.

I love that it can be whatever I want it to be. And I certainly use it for multiple different things. I love that I can use junk and create my own thing from junk without spending a dime. And junk journals help me to be creative and think out of the box.

I am a business woman. I have many fb and social media accounts. I am also studying social media management and visual art. Aside from that I am a wife and I love nature, flowers, sunsets. Taking care of the environment. I love ecofriendliness and sustainability. I also love gardening.

I found a stash of things I have tried. Different art pieces I have used to express myself. I have done





Antistress coloring

Book creation – book writing

Water color painting


Word searches

I also found that I love making books from scratch. I found about 3 books I tried to make years ago. And it all drew down to this – junk journaling. I can add all these pieces into one. All the hints I love to do in one. An expression of art into one.

Junk journaling is it. A place where I can be and do everything I want to be and do. Dream, inspire, create, journal, express, relax, cry, understand myself.

Reasons why you should practice Daily Journaling as a mom:
🖤to plan your day
🖤to schedule your day
🖤to destress
🖤practice me time
🖤store memories
🖤tap into your creative side
🖤self expression
🖤no judgement area
🖤fall in love with yourself
🖤organize your life
🖤balance yourself
🖤encourage yourself
🖤motivate yourself
🖤congratulation your small and big wins
🖤to have something that’s entirely yours
🖤feel human again
🖤write down important details
🖤memory keeper so you don’t forget
🖤track habits you want to stop or start
🖤practice discipline
🖤organize work or your businesses
🖤practice art
🖤create something unique
🖤remind yourself of appointments and others
🖤write things you want to ask your doctor or teacher or nutritionist
🖤meal plan
🖤organize your home
🖤organize your mind
🖤to relax and remove your emotions

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