Treating lice naturally

Lice treatment naturally:

One day I recieved a call from my sons school: “We apologize but there is an outbreak of lice at the school. We found little nits in your sons hair.”

My mistake was I went on youtube and typed in lice. And I saw a whole lot of disturbing videos of lice in someone’s hair. I won’t recommend you youtube lice.

I expected the worst as I walked to school that day.
Frantically googling and searching for answers one article I landed on mentioned the toxins in lice treatment medication.

I arrived and found my son playing happily and happy to see mama.

I give big ups for the school not alerting my son and scaring him.

Then he asked why I came early today and why teacher called mama.

And I told him there are naughty little lice in your head and we need to wash your hair and take it out so it doesn’t itch in your head anymore.

And he said ok mom and We walked home, singing songs and pointing at colors. We went home.

Luckily, my son didn’t have lice, just the eggs or nits. I’m not sure which is worse.

What happens when your child has lice? And how does one treat it naturally?

According to my research

Lice eggs or nits look like dandruff but they are a bit bigger and they stick to hair. Dandruff flies off the scalp.

Lice go onto any hair type, clean or dirty as long as its a human head.

I soaked my sons scalp and hair in vinegar and wrapped a plastic on his head for 30 minutes.

I let him watch educational movies while sitting in the sun and waiting.

I soaked all his clothes, the ones he wore yesterday and the ones I wore too.

Soak all the bedding, pillows, blankets, sheets in hot water for 30 minutes to an hour. Hot water kills the eggs or nits.

My son sleeps on his bed and comes to mine in the morning.

So I soaked all our bedding and his bedding in hot water and vinegar for 30+ minutes.

After soaking, I washed all the beddings and put them in the dryer so that the heat will kill any lingering lice eggs or nits.

I then took a small tooth comb. And sectioned my sons hair.

Combing throw each section. And pouring clean water to wash it off.

Yep, my son cried through the whole ordeal.

After rinsing, I washed 3 times witjh natural hemp shampoo bar.

Then I conditioned and applied lavender oil and coconut oil.

More essential oils to use for treatment of lice are Tea tree oil and Citronella oil. Along with lavender essential oil and coconut oil.

In conclusion, be sure to wash clothes and bedding thoroughly in hot water and vinegar. Comb hair with a small tooth comb. And rinse as many times as you can. Repeat this remedy after 10 days.


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