Why I journal as a mom – My Journey to Junk.

I grew up writing and reading. As far as I can remember my love for books amhas been around a while. I remember as a little girl I would spend hours in the little office room library my mom had. Even though there were no books for kids, I read big books with big words. Or I just sat there in silence. I have always been drawn to books, all sorts of books, big, small, written in or empty.

My first dairy, my mom got for me. It was pink and lockable. I have kept a diary since. High school I was a librarian, then became chief librarian. Exam time I would still move around with big books in my hand.

I finished high school, began working and got busy that I forgot that touch that a book had. I began reading again soon enough. I got married and became a mom. When I became a mom, time for writing or reading was none. So I began a mom website that acted as my diary or journal.

4 years later, I have stacks of books. My husband picked on my love for books while we were dating and would bring me books. He also left love letters in my books on a random page.

You see I had the online blog but the feel and smell of paper and books in your hand is an absolute different experience. And i prefer handcopy books. But I prefer books I can write in. I love being able to express myself on paper. Plan, journal, write lists, brain dump, schedule, memorize and keep memories. Etc.

But when you think of it or the journals I preferred are quite pricey. And I love the concept of dot journals. I had tried to learn the process but it had too many rules to remember and follow. My busy mom brain couldn’t handle it. And dot journals became expensive.

Recently I stumbled upon junk journaling. And I thought wow, I can do all the things Iove in one spot. I love that there are no rules to obey or disobey.

I love that it can be whatever I want it to be. And I certainly use it for multiple different things. I love that I can use junk and create my own thing from junk without spending a dime. And junk journals help me to be creative and think out of the box.

I am a business woman. I have many fb and social media accounts. I am also studying social media management and visual art. Aside from that I am a wife and I love nature, flowers, sunsets. Taking care of the environment. I love ecofriendliness and sustainability. I also love gardening.

I found a stash of things I have tried. Different art pieces I have used to express myself. I have done





Antistress coloring

Book creation – book writing

Water color painting


Word searches

I also found that I love making books from scratch. I found about 3 books I tried to make years ago. And it all drew down to this – junk journaling. I can add all these pieces into one. All the hints I love to do in one. An expression of art into one.

Junk journaling is it. A place where I can be and do everything I want to be and do. Dream, inspire, create, journal, express, relax, cry, understand myself.

Reasons why you should practice Daily Journaling as a mom:
đź–¤to plan your day
đź–¤to schedule your day
đź–¤to destress
đź–¤practice me time
đź–¤store memories
đź–¤tap into your creative side
đź–¤self expression
đź–¤no judgement area
đź–¤fall in love with yourself
đź–¤organize your life
đź–¤balance yourself
đź–¤encourage yourself
đź–¤motivate yourself
đź–¤congratulation your small and big wins
đź–¤to have something that’s entirely yours
đź–¤feel human again
đź–¤write down important details
đź–¤memory keeper so you don’t forget
đź–¤track habits you want to stop or start
đź–¤practice discipline
đź–¤organize work or your businesses
đź–¤practice art
đź–¤create something unique
đź–¤remind yourself of appointments and others
đź–¤write things you want to ask your doctor or teacher or nutritionist
đź–¤meal plan
đź–¤organize your home
đź–¤organize your mind
đź–¤to relax and remove your emotions

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