I’m Natasha. A nature lover, mom, journaller, content creator and wellness motivator.

I enjoy nature and exploring ideas on how we can all live as close to nature as possible. In order to build happy, healthy and meaningful lives full of mindfulness, freedom, less stress, naturalness and creativity.

I capture my thoughts and ideas in my journal and share these on my YouTube channel, Facebook group and over on Instagram @journalingformoms.

With this blog, I write about intentional living through journalling, slowing down, reducing carbon footprint, self care especially as moms, an abundant life, along with observations on my natural journey.

Journaling for Busy Moms is a cosy little spot, to chill, relax, reflect, slow down and take the time to explore living a life full of abundance that you will love. You will find self expression and connection through #art as a mom, wife, business woman and photographer

Spreading self care with some thoughts, feelings, reflections, and with insights from what I’ve been reading, learning, enjoying and connecting with nature .

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I wish to help you organize your life, work, personal life (through self care and mindful practices), business and home, bringing balance, peace and more happiness to your life.

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Natasha Chetty

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