A few things I learnt

Tribute to my mother in law

A few things I learnt from my mother in law 🕊️is that in life you can be so many things and do so many things but what impact are you leaving when it’s your time.

You may have the most expensive clothes and shoes, and have the most money but when we say goodbye, all those things don’t matter. What matters is how we lived our lives, the impact we made, the memories we left behind. Everyone praised how she loved God, she ministered to her family, the elderly, the sick and the young. How she made them feel and she prayed everyday for them.

A story was told by a close friend of hers saying they visited a very sick person. And then they left that sick person walked them to the door and waved goodbye with a big smile on her face. Sometimes you just need the right person to talk to, someone who will listen and make you instantly feel better.

What vibe are you leaving behind? What value are you leaving behind? What impact are you creating? What are people learning from you? When it comes down to it. The only ones who matter are the ones close to you. They are the ones who will value and treasure your time, money, value and presence. I also learnt in everything you do, do it as it is for the Lord.

Whether it’s food for your loved ones, hand washed laundry, a clean home, a wonderful presentation. A long term grocery pantry. Home cooked valuable food. Taking care of the sick and the needy. My mother in law was laying highly sick in bed but all she spoke about was the goodness of God. She testified how good God is to her. She reprimanded everyone to live their lives for God.

She worked hard everyday for her family and her family was her focus. Because at the end of it all that’s all that counts. That’s all that matters. Solid Relationships. And if the relationship is not giving you value, put your focus on what does. These people will be with you for a long time.

Even if not for a long time, what you do will stay with them forever. Build where it matters. I have heard many successful people and grown ups talk about their mother or father, what they did or didn’t do to take them where they are today.


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